Wednesday, April 4, 2012

What's military life without changes?

So, whilst enjoying a much needed vacation, CC received word that he would not be deploying for 6 months...only 4.  Yeah, see, I thought if I typed only 4 it would seem so much easier to swallow but it still stings.  The truth of it is that I am relieved to hear that we may get a reprieve on the length of separation (and I say may with the tone of a woman who has done this long enough to know that the moment I say: we will, the universe feels the need to slap me with another change).  Oh, and he's leaving SOON.  Yes, the time frame I was working with gave us some more family time and time to plan, adjust, and hug a bit longer. 

And, yeah, I was highly perturbed that my family vacation was interrupted with news of deployment.  I was enjoying my bubble of serenity (read: denial) which promptly burst with that phone call.  I had to work a little bit harder at forgetting what is coming and cherishing our family time together.

But, this is the life we live.  I am the wife who recognizes the tone of voice that goes with this type of call and hurries the kids off to distract them.  I don't ask questions and I don't ask why - but I am honest and I will say that it sucks.  And, I do say sarcastic things like: "I'm so glad they called during our vacation to give us this news, awesome!" Because, sarcasm is my defense against the pain.  Among all of that though, I also support my husband with "I know you want this and I am proud of you.  I will be fine."

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